Buhari’s quarrels with his wife unislamic – Balarabe Musa

Balarabe Musa, the former Governor of Kaduna State has reacted to the controversy between President Buhari and his wife, saying the allegations and counter allegations from the couple is unIslamic.
He stated that there are certain things which should be kept away from public views in an Islamic society.
While speaking about the controversy between President Buhari and his wife, Aisha, over allegations of a cabal’s influence on the president, Balarabe said it is not allowed in Islam.

Daily Trust reports that Musa stated that as husband and wife, there are certain things that should be kept away from public views.
According to him, “It’s unIslamic, the allegations from the both sides; here I mean the allegations of the wife and the response of the president because we don’t expect these kinds of things happening between the wife and the husband.

“I dismissed it as unIslamic and not in culture of Islam because you don’t expect this to happen between leaders, husbands and wives even between friends.”
On whether he has advice for the president and his wife, he said there are other national leaders more credible to give them advice, not him.
President Buhari had responded to the allegation of Aisha, his wife, and others that his government is being frustrated by some powerful people popularly referred to as ‘cabal’. The wife of the president has, on several occasions, said a few people are frustrating the president’s effort to perform and grow the nation beyond how he met it.

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