The immediate junior brother to Late Hon Simeon Tarka, Mr Chris Tarka has spoken to this newspaper on how his senior brother suddenly collapsed and died.
Chris Tarka who was in Abuja at the time of the tragic event said he gathered information about his brother’s death from those who were with him when he passed on, including his wife.

“My brother, Hon Simeon Tarka attended a political meeting in the Makurdi in the house of Emmanuel Manger, a Commissioner in the Benue state government. His wife was with him at the meeting.
“After the meeting, food was served but he said he was feeling too hot and refused to eat. Instead, he went to the courtyard outside to have some fresh air.

“Out there in the courtyard, he still complained that he was finding it difficult to breath. It was at this point that those around knew that there was something seriously wrong with him.
“They decided to take him to the hospital but when they got there, the doctors pronounced him dead,” Chris said.

Hon Simeon Mbakorkaa Tarka was the first son of Chief Joseph Sarwuan Tarka, a foremost Nigerian nationalist, minority rights activist and President General of the United Middle Belt Congress UMBC. He was also Federal Commissioner (Minister) under the government of General Yakubu Gowon.
Hon Simeon Tarka attended Saint John’s College Kaduna and from there proceeded to an American University for further studies.

On the return of Nigeria to democracy in 1979, he put his studies in the US on hold and returned to Nigeria to join his father in politics. They were all members of the National Party of Nigeria, NPN.

In the elections of 1979, he emerged as the youngest member to be elected into the House of Representatives while his father was elected a Senator.
He died at the age of 65 years.

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