My husband exercises his carpentry skills by hitting me with hammer –Wife

A wife has petitioned the Ile-Tuntun Customary Court in Ibadan, Oyo State, to dissolve her marriage on account of battery.
In her petition to the court, Temitope had informed the court that her husband threatened her life by attacking her with hammer, according to a report by the News Agency of Nigeria.

“Maybe things would have been different with me today if I had chosen another man as a spouse instead of Saheed who exercises carpentry skills on my body.
“Just three months after I delivered our one and only child, my husband began to beat the hell out of me whenever there was any minor disagreement between us.
“If Saheed had stopped at just beating me ordinarily, maybe I would have endured, but he often hit me with hammer.
“When I could no longer bear the beating and hammering, I abandoned him in Lagos, taking some of my belongings.
“Before I knew it, Saheed got my mother locked up at Agugu police station and she was only released after I went there.
“I was immediately locked up for allegedly moving some of Saheed’s belongings with mine.
“Again, he seized the 27-month-old child of ours whom he has no capacity to cater for.
“Saheed’s father categorically told me that if I did not return to his son’s home as a wife, I would never have any access to the child again,” Temitope explained.
In his response, Saheed consented to the suit and did not deny the allegations levelled against him.
The respondent, however, contended that his wife sometime stole his money.
“My lord, when Temitope was still staying with me in Lagos State, she stole my N50,000 which I kept in a safe at home and after a lot of intervention by our landlord, Temitope confessed to stealing the cash.
“Her mother is the major source of our problem.
“Temitope’s mother kept misleading her against me because I am a Muslim and she is a Christian.
“In fact, when Temitope’s aunt came to visit us in Lagos, I bought her a sewing machine which she requested for in addition to meeting all Temitope’s demands,” Saheed said.
President of the court, Mr. Henry Agbaje, on Tuesday dissolved the three-year marriage between one Temitope Adisa and her husband, Saheed, over threat to life.
Agbaje held that he put an end to the union between Temitope and Saheed in the interest of peace.
He, however, ordered the respondent to grant the plaintiff access to her remaining property.
The court’s president also awarded the custody of the 27-month-old child produced by the union to Temitope.
He directed Saheed to pay monthly allowance of N4,000 for the child’s upkeep in addition to being responsible for his education and other welfare.

[ATE-u-Tiv] My husband says I’m not as hot in bed as his girlfriends —Wif

An Igando Customary Court in Lagos on Tuesday dissolved the marriage of a woman who claimed that her husband regarded her as performing less in bed than his girlfriends.
The Court President, Mr. Adeniyi Koledoye, held that although the respondent, Mr. Tosin Owolabi, wanted the marriage sustained, his wife, Adenike, insisted on divorce.
He said that the court lacked the power to force a willing husband on an unwilling wife.
“The court cannot prevail on the petitioner, Adenike, to rescind her decision to quit the marriage.
“It is crystal that the marriage between the couple has broken down irretrievably, and there is nothing the court can do to sustain it,’’ Koledoye said.
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The News Agency of Nigeria reports that Adenike had sought divorce, saying that, Tosin, her husband of seven years, regularly told her that she was not good in bed.
She said that Tosin, 36, was adulterous and complains: “You’re not hot in bed.”
“I know he was using that as an excuse for his infidelity,” the mother-of-two said.
“I cannot have access to his phone because he coded it so that I will not know about his illicit affairs with other women,” she told the court.
She also accused Tosin, a teacher, of battering her.
“My husband beats me up at any slightest provocation; he started beating me during courtship, but I endured, thinking he would stop.
“He beats me even during pregnancies which always landed me in hospital,” she said.
The petitioner added that Tosin was jealous. “He is always accusing me of dating any man he sees me with,’’ Adenike said; adding that Tosin threatened to kill her and might carry out the threat.
Responding, Tosin admitted beating Adenike but blamed it on his temperament. He also accused Adenike of infidelity.
The court granted the custody of the two children of the marriage to Adenike, and ordered Tosin to pay N5,000 monthly to her for each of the children’s feeding.
It also ordered that Tosin should be responsible for the children’s education.

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