says,”illiterate” first wife cannot be First Lady

The governor-elect of Nasarawa State, Abdullahi Sule has declared before God, man, and country that his wife of many years is not qualified to be the First Lady of Nasarawa State because she is illiterate and cannot speak good English or speaks her own English language mostly in the past tense.
Sources in Nasarawa State confided in this newspaper that while Abdullahi Sule was trying to reach the people of the state with his campaign message, his wife served as a willing loudspeaker that helped to mobilize the masses for the cause.

Campaigning in her native language, she mobilized massive support from the womenfolk; a majority of who are not educated, but easily identified and saw her as one of their own, who will be in a position to present their problems to her husband; at least within the close confines of her bedroom.
The women, who constituted a majority of the electorate answered the call of Hajia Silifa and trooped en masse to vote for her husband, who won the election. And now that it is time for her to reap the fruits of her labor, someone else has jumped the queue and slammed the door in her face. Her husband has told everyone who cares to listen that Hajia Silifa is not educate and therefore lacks the capacity and sophistication to fulfill the responsibilities and meet the challenges of a modern first lady. .

Already he has married Hajia Farida at lavish ceremony on April 19 in Katsina. There are indications that the governor-elect has instructed some of his close aides and associates to begin referring to the new wife as the first lady, notwithstanding the fact that she played no role in his election as governor, even as it is being rumored that she might have supported Abdullahi Sule’s opponent, due to some undisclosed family ties.

Though the governor-elect has come out to publicly deny that he is trying to shortchange his first wife; his body language and his non-denial denial over the issue, is fueling speculations that rumors of a planned division of labor in which the incoming governor will use his first wife for window-dressing to placate and not antagonize his electoral base, especially the women whom he will need to vote again for him in 2023; while the new wife, Hajia Farida will be the official ceremonial wife wielding de facto power in the office of the Nasarawa first lady.

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